What makes us different?

We started this company because we found that many of our most loved seasonings were full of additives and anti-caking agents.  We knew we could do better.  More importantly, food brings people together; our hope is that our seasonings help inspire you to create amazing meals & connect.

How do I use ?

Bringing a new flavor to home cooking is always an fun experience. And using Gilios All Purpose Seasoning or Marinade makes the experience easy. For the seasoning just sprinkle a liberal amount on any meat, seafood or vegetables of your choice and cook to your desired doneness. And as for the marinade we recommend cover your meats (beef, poultry, pork etc..) with the marinade and place in refrigerator for at least 30min. but the longer the better. Also great for stir-frying veggies. Our marinade can also be used as a bread dip for an appetizer. Its as easy as that, no other seasonings needed to be added weather using the all purpose seasoning or the marinade. Make a meal you wont forget!     

What is the shelf life?

All-Purpose Seasoning: The shelf life is 2 years and does not require refrigeration. It is best to store in a cool dry place to avoid caking. 

Marinade: The shelf life is 2 years and we recommend refrigeration after opening.

Where are the products made?

We make all of our products in a certified commercial kitchen. We adhere to strict sanitary guidelines, and take great care with every single bottle that leaves our facility.

Where can I buy Gilios?

You can purchase directly from our store by navigating to the  products page. Our seasonings are fairly new, if you don't see us on your local grocery store shelves, kindly let the manager know that you'd like to.

Are your products Gluten-free, keto and vegan?

Marinade: YES! Even better, we are made here in the USA!

All-Purpose Seasoning: Is Gluten-Free & Vegan.

Do you wholesale?

We would love to discuss working with your business. Please email us at info@giliosllc.com

Have more questions?

Send them our way at info@giliosllc.com or shoot us text at: (518)775-7135.